BcnEng’s slack netiquette

Welcome to BcnEng’s slack netiquette. If you do not agree with some guideline or wish to propose an improvement, feel free to open a pull request.


From wikipedia:

Netiquette […] is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks […]


Here you will find a set of basic conventions that we find useful. They are part of the set of behaviours that the community users expect from each other. Please make sure you understand all of them. Remember that you can write any question or ask for advice in our specific Slack channel #coc-netiquette


Be respectful with your colleagues and follow the Code of Conduct rules.


As a people-first slack organization, company accounts are not allowed.


Best practices

Use threads when possible to keep the conversations organized.

Pasting a random link sometimes does not add much value. Consider explaining why you did it.

Consider removing the link previews.

Use emoticons to give a quick feedback. Writing haha, jaja, XDDD or lol does not contribute much.

Bad practices

Spam is not allowed in any channel. That includes:

  • affiliates links or similar
  • job offers outside #hiring-job-board
  • non-general information in #general or #offtopic-random, or lots of messages (for a our - as admins - definition of “lots”)

The administrators reserve the rights to:

  • remove abusive and/or spam comments
  • remove link previews, for readibility’s sake

The publisher will be contacted in any case.


Prefer a specific channel over #general or #random, everyone is auto-joined in those channels and we are a lot of people.

Ask in #general or #ask-staff before creating a new channel, maybe it was already created and archived because it didn’t have traffic. Some channels were merged, but they can be un-merged if needed. Some channels will be archived if there is no traffic in them.

Read the channel topic for some guidelines in specific channels. Here you are some examples:

#show-and-tell (formerly known as #autobombo-sideprojects)

Tell us about your side projects, new blog posts…


Programming languages channels.


Companies’ channels.


Post job offers here. As a general rule, the job location must be Catalunya or a remote position.


Talk about hiring related stuff here. You cannot post job offers or personal projects. Please use #hiring-job-board and #autobombo-sideproject for that.


Share your concerns, ask the staff and suggest changes. Discuss our Code of Conduct and Netiquette‘s contents.